Blackbody Output

Enter parameters to calculate blackbody radiance or exitance in watt or photon space over the specified wave band as follows:

Paramter Photon space Watt space
Spectral Radiance $L_{q,\lambda }(\lambda ,T) = \frac{2c}{\lambda ^{4}(e^{\frac{hc}{\lambda kT}}-1)}$ $L_{e,\lambda }(\lambda ,T) = \frac{2hc^{2}}{\lambda ^{5}(e^{\frac{hc}{\lambda kT}}-1)}$
In-Band Radiance $\int_{\lambda _{1}}^{\lambda _{2}}\varepsilon L_{q,\lambda }(\lambda ,T)d\lambda$ $\int_{\lambda _{1}}^{\lambda _{2}}\varepsilon L_{e,\lambda }(\lambda ,T)d\lambda$
Total Radiance $L_{q} = \frac{\varepsilon \sigma_{q} T^{3}}{\pi }$ $L_{e} = \frac{\varepsilon \sigma_{e} T^{4}}{\pi }$
$\sigma$ definition $\sigma_{q} \approx 1.52 \times 10^{11}$ $\sigma_{e} \approx 5.67 \times 10^{-12}$
Peak emission wavelength $\lambda _{peak} = \frac{3662}{T}$ $\lambda _{peak} = \frac{2898}{T}$
Spectral Exitance $M_q=\pi L_q$ $M_e=\pi L_e$

Input Parameters


Total output over waveband:

Total output over all wavelengths:

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